Accounting & Bookkeeping

Many people think that a good accounting record is unnecessary, which is not the case. A good accounting record will provide you a lot of advantages:

  • To understand the most up-to-date performance of your business
  • To identify any issues before it is too late
  • Tracking your tax-deductible expenses
  • Have a proper record for tax purpose in case of an IRD audit, review, Investigation and disputes
  • Easier tax return and financial statement preparation

CSK Consulting offers the following accounting and bookkeeping service for property investors and small businesses without any employees (We don’t do payroll or PAYE/PAYG):

  • Year-End account
  • Monthly or quarterly account for management purpose
  • GST and/or income tax return preparation
  • Tax consultation

Please note that CSK Consulting DO NOT provide any auditing or review engagement service so no data verification and assurance is expressed. Any financial reports or statements will be prepared based on information provided by the client only.

Please email: for more information or arrange a meeting.