Australian Tax
We are not just to help you with tax filing, but also provide many investment strategies. We have a set of tools to calculate the expected rental income, estimated tax saving, capital gains tax payable and the estimated rate of return from property investments.

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New Zealand Tax
Although New Zealand does not have any state taxes and a Capital Gains Tax regime like Australia, it can still be complicated when you are earning more than just income from the employment.

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"Sunny provided us with excellent advice on a pretty complicated tax situation as we moved between Australia and New Zealand (and back). He was very patient with us and did a great job!"

- Ben Fitzpatrick - Head of Strategy.

"“As Kiwis living in Australia it’s important for us to have a tax consultant who understands our situation as well as the relevant legislation of both countries. There are many cheap tax services offered in Australia employing temporary staff at tax time who do little more than fill in boxes. By contrast we found CSK Consulting to be well versed in the nuances of our tax affairs. They were able to reduce our tax in the current year but also amended prior years (completed by those cheap service providers!) and obtained refunds for us. More than that, they’ve been friendly and professional to deal with and explained things in a way we could easily understand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to you.”"

- Dennis Hesketh - CFO.

"I recently found CSK after searching on the web for an accountant who knew all the tax rules for Kiwis needing to file an Australian tax return. This is a highly specialized area, and it would seem there are few Australian accountants who are well versed in this field. I simply cannot recommend CSK highly enough. Sunny provides an exemplary service, he is courteous, detail-oriented and focused. And he is determined to ensure that my finances are in the best possible shape!"

- Celia Farnon - Fund manager.

"Sunny exerts high level of expertise particularly in the area of Australian Property Tax and solved many of our clients’ queries on how to make safe, secure and profitable property investments in Australia. He is a very efficient and extremely competent person with well-organised communication skills."

 - Edward Law - General Manager.

"Sunny is not the first taxation professional whom I have met. But he was able to offer me useful advices in a concise and precise way. Sunny gave me the practical benefit of improving my investment return and convinced me that it was worth the money. Sunny’s knowledge in Australian tax, multiple cultures and language skills and great political and economic awareness impressed me very much."

- KP Ng - Professor.